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  Founded in September,2004, the German Department is tasked for training multi-disciplinary German professionals with a good command of German demonstrated by using the language skillfully in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation and with deep and extensive understanding of the German-spoken societies and cultures, and being able to do such work as translation, research, teaching, and management in some departments like foreign affairs, economy and trade, culture, publishing, scientific research, tourism, and so on after four years of study. Currently, there are fifteen teaching classes with more than 400 students and four teaching and research groups in the department. The students are required to be equipped with good German speaking abilities and basic techniques of doing investigation and research, grasp the basic ways of bibliography retrieval, and have basic scientific research and practical work capabilities. 

  The compulsory courses include intensive reading of German, listening and dictation, German reading, Foreign Newspaper Reading in German, Listening over Foreign Radio Stations in German, Translation Theories and Practice (German to Chinese and Chinese to German included), Oral German, German Writing, German Interpretation, German-spoken country Survey, Scientific and Technological German, Economic and Trade German, and so on.

  We have a teaching team of 29 with strong sense of responsibility and highly professional commitment, including one German teacher, two Chinese German teachers, and three with associate professor title or above.
  Main orientations and characteristics: The major focuses on developing students’ abilities to practically use German, hereupon further expand their knowledge structure to make them equipped with solid language use knowledge and have deep understanding of the German literature and art, history and culture, and politics and economy, thereby equip them with a broad eyeshot, profound humanities accomplishment, and capabilities of independent thinking and solving problems by themselves. The students of the major uphold rigorous attitude of learning, and advocate united, progressive, and team work spirit. They are supposed to have high ideals and moral integrity, become better educated, love their country, have strong ethnic self-esteem and sense of responsibility to work hard to make their motherland become more prosperous and powerful, observe discipline and law, be ready to help others, enjoy their lives, have sound personal character and professional ethics accomplishment, and mould excellent personal sentiment.

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