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  The Department of French and Italian Studies was originally founded in August, 2006. Currently, there are altogether three teaching and research groups of intensive reading,  French (Italian) audio-visual & speaking course, and practical  French (Italian) and sixteen classes with a student enrollment of more than 500.

  There are 14 professional teachers, 90% of whom have the education background of studying or further studying in France or Italy, including one with a doctor’s degree. 60% of them have expertise in the language and rich experience in teaching as well, which enable them to integrate their teaching with social practice and give a hand to employment of the students. They are tasked with teaching for the regular  French (Italian) majors and  French (Italian) teaching as a second foreign language for English majors.

  The main tasks of the  French (Italian) majors in the first two years are systematic learning of pronunciation, intonation, basic vocabulary, basic grammar, and basic sentence patterns, and to grasp the basic abilities of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Training of listening and speaking is highlighted, the latest textbooks and modern teaching methods are adopted for the  French (Italian) audio-visual & speaking course, the European language assessment standards are employed to check the teaching results of the course, and they have more audio-visual & speaking classes than any other departments or universities. More than 288 teaching hours of Oral  French (Italian) and France Survey courses are directly taught by  French (Italian) teachers from Paris. Their basic curriculums include Basic French(Italian), Spoken French(Italian),  French (Italian) Audio-visual and speaking,  French (Italian) Reading,  French (Italian) Writing, and France Survey, etc. In the third and fourth years the  French (Italian) majors are mainly tasked for cultivation of practical use capabilities. Depending on our strength of Double Qualified Teachers, we attach more importance to train professional talents speaking  engineering  technology   French (Italian) and economy  French (Italian) in bad need currently in developing the economy of our country. The Department of  French and Italian Studies is well connected with a lot of employers, to whom the students can go to exercise their skills so as to improve their practical use.

  The student employment objective units set by the department are the top 100 Chinese enterprises in business connection with the French (Italian)-spoken countries and some government departments and institutions. To this end, corresponding arrangements have been made in curriculums and teaching contents centering on this objective. The curriculums include Advanced French(Italian),  French (Italian) Interpretation,  French (Italian) Translation, Foreign  French (Italian) Newspaper and Reading, Listening over Foreign  French (Italian) Radios, Economy and Trade French(Italian), Engineering Technology French(Italian), and so on.

  To make the students have broad international field of view and better understanding of the target countries, the Department of French and Italian Studies works actively to create conditions for the students to study abroad. Quite a few students have gone to France or Italy for study. At present, the department has long-term cooperation and exchanges with Universite du Littoral.

  The students in the Department of French and Italian Studies have rich and colorful activities. Such regular activities as the Pronunciation Contest,  French (Italian) Verb Conjugation Contest, Vocabulary Contest,  French (Italian) Imitate Show, the  French (Italian) Corner,  French (Italian) Songs Contest have been held in a long term. And such learning-oriented organizations as the Learning Group for Studying Problems in French (Italian) -spoken Countries, the Learning Group for Collecting and Compiling  French (Italian) Architectural Vocabularies, the Lecture Group, based on their interest and hobbies. Their good mastery of  French (Italian) which they have acquired from these activities makes them be able to learn on the jobs in the Consulate of France or Italy and Alliance Francaise.

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